Monday, 12 August 2013

Star Trek ongoing #24 preview have posted a seven-page preview of this week's twenty-fourth issue in the Star Trek ongoing comic series, which sees the return of Star Trek: The Video Game's Gorn. See that below (continues after the jump. But first, Pop Matters recently interviewed the ongoing series' writer, Mike Johnson, about the nuTrek comics, in which he gave some suggestions as to the direction of the series once we get past the current Klingon/Romulan conflict storyline:
We have a big galaxy-spanning story taking place that involves the Klingons and Romulans, and after that we are heading deep into space for the five year mission. We really want to show new strange places and characters we haven’t seen before. There will be a few familiar faces from the original timeline, but for the most part it will be new adventures.
He also spoke a little bit about the Khan series, noting they will be mining the prime universe Khan stories for background, but also seeming to suggest they might be making the alternate timeline even more alternate:
We are going strictly by what we know from the two filmed sources about Khan, the original episode “Space Seed” and the Wrath of Khan movie. Bob Orci and I discuss how best to extrapolate Khan’s origin based on those two canonical sources.
I can’t say too much without spoiling it, but there is always the possibility that the two timelines were not completely identical even before Nero arrived in his ship.
Make your way to Pop Matters to read more of Johnson's thoughts on the ongoing series. Or continue down this page for that preview of issue twenty-four:

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