Thursday 1 August 2013

First look at August retro prints

MTV Geek and Entertainment Weekly have previewed this month's TOS retro prints, by Juan Ortiz. This time we're getting The Mark of Gideon, Plato's Stepchildren, The Return of the Archons, and Journey to Babel. Check them out:

Posters, T-shirts, and glasses featuring these designs should all be on the way soon. Plato's Stepchildren gets me thinking, it would be interesting to see the nuTrek ongoing comics reimagine that episode; the new relationship between Kirk, Uhura, and Spock could make it all the more significant.


Terry said...

Thanks for sharing this with the crew in /r/Treknobabble. Thought you had abandoned us. I love the way you review products and add commentary. It's much linking to your pages, than directly to the items for sale, which may be seen as blatant spam. Keep up the great work!

8of5 said...

Not abandoned, just felt posting everything was a bit overkill.

I always like to add some commentary or context, or else I might as well just post product page links on reddit and be done. If I'm going to maintain a blog, I should have something to say :)

jerry brown said...
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