Sunday 25 August 2013

Book bits: KRAD's Klingon return, next Voyager novels, and latest German and French titles

A few bits of book news: Starting with news that Keith R.A. DeCandido finally has a new Trek book on the way! Now listed for release next May, from Simon and Schuster, is Klingon Art of War. A hundred-and-sixty page hardcover release, I expect this is a new "non-fiction" book. No other details just yet though. Thanks to dhorizon to pointing this out via Twitter. UPDATE: UnrealitySF's Jens Deffner has unearthed a bit more about this (via Chronic Rift), and pointed me towards it: Like so many of the recent Star Trek non-fiction books, this is being developed by Becker and Mayer, and the listing on their website has a cover a blurb:
Klingons fight, but they do not merely fight. For Klingons, battle is a dance, a way of living with dignity and purpose. This is central to the concept at the heart of Klingondom: honor.

The Klingon Art of War lays out the principles of the Klingon code that animates their entire culture. Each chapter introduces another part of the Klingon ethic and explores the ways it informs Klingon life, behavior, and history. Each chapter also celebrates famous Klingons, warships, and battles, and the role they've played in advancing the Klingon Empire.

There's also news of the next few Voyager relaunch novels! TrekCore recently interviewed Kirsten Beyer, where she talked about all her work on the Voyager relaunch, and more. She gave this summary of next year's new Voyager novel, Protectors:
Protectors picks up right where The Eternal Tide left off, but it does cover more time than my books have up to this point, with the exception of Full Circle. It has a lot of ground to cover. In addition to beginning Janeway on her new journey, the reality of the fleet’s new circumstances must be addressed.

They started out as nine ships. Now they are three with one more back in the Alpha Quadrant and a big job still unfinished. There is a new mission and lots of new discoveries that will continue to play out as the stories continue. Neelix does make an appearance. And no, I haven’t forgotten about Meegan, nor has the crew.

The Eternal Tide changed so much. One of the main tasks of Protectors is to show how those changes play out for all of the characters who started the journey of Project Full Circle, to bring closure to some of them, and to set the stage for resolutions yet to come.
She also mentioned early work has already begun on the next books following Protectors:
There was no way to begin the new book, however, without thinking long-term. Luckily, my editors embraced this possibility, which is great for a number of reasons. It allowed me to think big, while knowing that I would have the time to develop those thoughts into a cohesive narrative.

There were issues already established prior to The Eternal Tide that need to be addressed. The massive alteration of the status quo came first, but also had to set the stage for what is to come. To do that, I had to know what that was going to be. Now, I do.

Although the paperwork has yet to be completed, so nothing can be stated to an absolute certainty, I am now in the process of outlining the book that will follow Protectors along with one more that will tie up currently dangling threads and stuff that is about to start unraveling with Protectors. This will include the return of some familiar faces, along with the introduction of lots of new ones.
Meanwhile in France, have a listing up for a French edition of Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary. L'Encyclopedie Illustrée Star Trek is due out in November, and has a new cover:

Over in Germany, Cross Cult have announced they will be reusing the US cover art when they release Dayton Ward's Vanguard ebook, In Tempest Wake, and David R. George III's Typhon Pact novel, Plagues of Night. German translations of both are due out early next year.

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A book titled Klingon Art of War sounds good to me. Should be interesting to see exactly what it is.

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