Saturday 17 August 2013

Cross Cult's latest covers

Cross Cult, the publisher of German translations of Star Trek novels and comics, have announced their next TOS novel; expected February next year is Das Ende der Dämmerung, Jerry Oltion's 1996 novel, Twilight's End. I guess they must like Oltion, as their last TOS book was his later novel, Mudd In Your Eye. They have already revealed some shiny new new artwork for their new release of Twilight's End, as ever by their regular artist, Martin Frei. A nice retro feel to this one I think:

Cross Cult have also released finalised versions of some of their upcoming releases. Christopher L. Bennett's Typhon Pact ebook novella, The Struggle Within, is following the pattern of Cross Cult's other Typhon Pact releases so far, in having its name condensed down to a single word. This time we've ended up with Kampf, which translates back to Fight.

Kampf is due in October, as is Heimkehr (Homecoming), the first book in Christie Golden's Voyager relaunch, which will be followed by Ferne Ufer (Father Shore) in November. Here are the finalised covers for those two books:

Thanks as ever to Jens Deffner (of Unreality SF) for pointing me towards much of this, and unscrambling the German for me! Jens has also very kindly offered to write a review of Maximum Warp, Cross Cult's new Star Trek fiction guide book; so you can look forward to that at some point in the coming weeks.


Unknown said...

While the North American ones can be good, these guys do the best covers! That Janeway one is awesome.

8of5 said...

Well, they have the advantage of hindsight. They use the good US covers straight up, and replace the naff ones!

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