Friday 23 August 2013

Matt Ferguson's TOS posters join the Bye Bye Robot collection

A little while ago, artist Matt Ferguson made a series of brilliant posters for the TOS movies, to accompany a series of retrospective reviews of the films on Crome Yellow. If you like those designs you should be pleased to hear Bye Bye Robot have now adopted them into their Star Trek range, offering all six as poster prints.

As I said when I first posted about these in May, I would jump on that beautiful Undiscovered Country poster given the chance. Alas even with them being offered as prints it still remains out of my grasp, as Bye Bye Robot only ship within the US!

For more Matt Ferguson Star Trek art, keep visiting Crome Yellow, as he's now extending the series into the TNG movies.


Unknown said...

The one I really want is the one for V. Not only is it my favorite TOS movie, but the scenes that poster is depicting are some of my favorite scenes from it.

That said, I'm not sure I can justify twenty five bucks for it. Especially given the odd size of these. I'm not sure how much a frame for it would cost, and I'm not going to get it without putting it in a frame of some kind.

Sabreman64 said...

It's true that Bye Bye Robot will ship only within the US, but you can use a US mail forwarding company, such as I live in the UK, and I've used Shipito four times in the last six months without any problems.

In fact, one time I used Shipito was to buy the Enterprise and Botany Bay posters by Mark Brayer from Bye Bye Robot. I had to use Shipito's Assisted Purchase, whereby Shipito buy the goods on your behalf (since Bye Bye Robot don't accept credit card billing addresses outside the US).

I can recommend Shipito. Give it a try. I don't think you'll have problems.

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