Monday 12 August 2013

Star Trek Magazine previews

The latest issue of the Star Trek Magazine, US#46/UK#173 is out now! This issue is focused on childhood in Star Trek, but also covers a host of other topics, including reactions to Into Darkness, features and fiction from Star Trek Online, and some great articles on Bob Peak's Star Trek posters, behind the scenes at Diamond Select Toys, and a look at Into Darkness' props.

On top of the regular tongue-in-cheek Starships Trekkers comic strip, this issue also has a new Star Trek comic/elaborate advert featuring the Klingon Bird of Prey Haynes Manual. Haynes also posted that new comic online:

Here are a few other sample pages, you can see more on Titan Magazine's website:

Details of the next issue are also starting to appear; Things From Another World posted both the standard and Previews exclusive covers, as well as a description for this villain-focused issue, which is due in October:

Culture Clash Special! Humanity may have overcome its differences by the 23rd Century, but conflict still faces the Federation on various fronts. In the latest issue of the official Star Trek Magazine, we trace the history of antipathy between Cardassia and Bajor, while 'Time's Arrow' looks back at the threat posed by those ever aggressive, green-blooded terrors, the Romulans. We also explore the unique alien societies that evolved along similar lines to those on Earth, and discover how Starfleet's finest coped against a band of Space Hippies. All this, plus exclusive interviews, the latest Star Trek news, reviews, and competitions! Available in Newsstand and PREVIEWS Exclusive Cover Editions!

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