Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Concept art and mind meld video from Star Trek: The Video Game

The LA Times has released a video from Star Trek: The Video Game (which is out now!), in which Spock mind melds with a Gorn:

Concept artist Fernando Acosta has also posted loads more art from the game on his website. Here are some character designs, including Kirk's cool forcefield wingsuit:


Lots more scenery and equipment after the jump:

These are apparently all form a location called Lymax:


There locations are described as "Gorn cliffs":

Here are some phasers and Gorn equipment designs:


And these are from a Starbase:

PS. Find out everything you need to know about Star Trek: The Video Game, and everything else about Star Trek Into Darkness and its tie-ins, on my Star Trek Into Darkness guide page.

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