Thursday 25 June 2015

The Wit and Wisdom of Star Trek

Out this week is the latest Star Trek non-fiction book, The Wit and Wisdom of Star Trek. The book features quotes and notes from cast and crew, as author Robb Pearlman explained on
I was tasked with selecting some of the best and most memorable quotes and moments from The Original Series. This assignment is akin to having to choose the most memorable or impactful Shakespearean sonnet or line from Wilde, and one that I did not take lightly. Since many of the same issues faced in the 1960s are still around today, I tried to pick those that were as timeless, and timely, as possible. Whether it’s about life, death, war or prejudice, Star Trek’s characters give voice to issues and various viewpoints. And to balance out the wisdom, as Star Trek does, the quotes included in the book are balanced with, and complemented by, with some of the show’s most-memorable phrases, with, for good measure, some facts and quotes about the show, its stars and its impact.

It was heartbreaking to learn, the day we were to print the book, that Leonard Nimoy had passed away. In today’s world of staged charity, Nimoy’s kindnesses to his co-stars, crew, fans, and yes—even me—are well documented and 100% true. Though it would cost us some production time, we literally stopped the presses, redesigned the book, and included a special dedication to him. I’m enormously proud to have contributed a small part in honoring the man who meant so much to us all.

In the end, it became apparent that Star Trek itself is about wit and wisdom: A not-so-distant future in which Earth-bound petty grievances and apparent differences are put aside and humanity, as a whole, bands together for everyone’s good. I’m pretty sure that every Star Trek fan wishes that we will, eventually, get to that place. In the meantime, I’m hopeful that we’ll follow Star Trek’s lead and, with a little bit of our own wit and wisdom, find ourselves worthy of tomorrow. have also released several page, much like TOS itself, the book's bright and cheerful layout hides all manner of thoughtful and inspiring messages (check them out after the jump):

Alas this book only pulls from TOS, for a further reminder of why Star Trek is one of the greatest cultural creations of all time, and foresees a world we should all strive to reach, I highly recommend this video:

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