Wednesday 10 June 2015

Yet more Green Lantern crossover covers!

Still not spotting the cover you want for the first issue of The Spectrum War, the nuTrek/Green Lantern crossover comic series? Well you're in luck! Bleeding Cool have posted lots of covers from the series, revealing a further five designs, three new variants of previously seen designs, plus the final form of some previously seen artwork. On top of that they announced Gamestop and ThinkGeek are also due to have exclusive covers.

All together (so far!), that brings the total to twenty-six different covers, almost three times as many as first issue of The Primate Directive (the Planet of the Apes crossover), which previously held the record for most covers for any Star Trek comic! Continue below to check out all the new designs:

Among this latest batch of cover releases is final coloured form of Joe Corroney's Previews exclusive Comic Con covers, with the wraparound cover look particularly spectacular! The same artwork is also been split across two standard covers:

The previously seen Jae Lee Dynamic Forces cover comes in three versions, the colour artwork is getting both regular and virgin covers, plus a black and white version.

The Neal Adams BAM exclusive cover also has three variants, two versions of the colour artwork, with slightly different treatments of the titles, plus a black and white one.

And finally, the most exciting of them all, there blank sketch cover has been revealed!

You can see all the other cover designs so far released in my previous article.

For full listings of all the upcoming Star Trek comic releases, and links to my previous coverage, hit the comics button on my 2015 schedule page.

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