Saturday 27 June 2015

Car Trek

Those canny people at CBS consumer products have found another corner of our lives ready to fill with Star Trekness. This time Plasticolor are doing the honours, with a new range of Star Trek inspired automotive accessories. No surface inside your car need go un-Treked with all this stuff. Continue below to see what's on offer:

To help get rid the whiff of the last red-shirt you ferried home from an unfortunate landing party mission, they are offering two different dangly air-freshener designs; either the Starfleet delta, or the Vulcan hand sign. Both come in packs of two.

To keep your car cool in the sun, and give the unlikely impression that beyond your windscreen lies the bridge of the Enterprise, there's this foldable sunscreen, featuring the TOS crew:

And then there are a lot of ways to get Starfleet deltas into your car. Such as this steering wheel cover:

This floor mat (which comes in a pack of two):

And "utility mat", for the backseat areas and any number of other places, as the product description informs us:
This stellar Star Trek Delta Logo Rubber Utility Mat features the iconic delta symbol from Star Trek. The mat can be used as a rear mat in your car, in the trunk, on a workbench, in a boat, and more! It measures about 17-inches wide x 14-inches tall. Molded from the highest quality materials for the ultimate in style and protection, it won't fade and is easily cleaned with soap and water.

Then there's the seatbelt shoulder pad:

And "auto coasters", which come in packs of two. I think the idea is they go at the bottom of built in cup holders? The description for these suggests trimming them to the required size if you need to.

And to make your car unmistakably Treked out there's a uniform-ish style high back seat cover. Alas they don't offer any other colours than command yellow, so you'll not be able to create a multi-coloured uniform bananza!

They also have a couple of products for use beyond the confines of the car, a lanyard, and keychain, both featuring the Starfleet delta of course:

Entertainment Earth are expecting the entire collection to arrive next month, although some of them are available on Amazon already.

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