Wednesday 17 June 2015

Behind the scenes photos of the USS Pasteur

A wonderful collection of behind the scenes photos of the USS Pasteur has surfaced, thanks to a tweet from visual effects artist Eric Alba. The photos were originally taken by Bill George, who designed and built the miniature in his own time, before offering it up for use in the final episode of The Next Generation, All Good Things... The photos feature George's original name for the ship, the USS Olympic, before it was renamed to better reflect its use in the episode as a medical vessel.

I've picked out some of my favourite images below, and you can see a lot more in the original image gallery.

In addition to the final model, there are also lots of work in progress images in the gallery, including blueprints, and images showing how the model was built.


Unknown said...

I always thought the Pasteur was a bit of a bizarre design.. reminded me of the Enterprise 1701 in the Motion Picture for some reason..

rocketdave said...

And all this time, I'd just naturally assumed that the Pasteur was something that had been built specifically for "All Good Things." I went to Memory Alpha and read a little more about the history behind its creation. It's really interesting how it came about and how they were able to find a place for it in the TNG finale. I'm sure the last episode had a more generous than usual budget, and the addition of a new and unique starship certainly enhanced that impression.

Darren Hankin said...

Love this design but oddly enough, they forgot about the deflector dish

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