Tuesday 2 June 2015

Starships Collection's shuttlecraft, Enterprise, Insurrection, and TOS remastered

Lots of updates from The Official Starships Collection, including new previews of the USS Enterprise, and news of ships from Insurrection and TOS remastered. But first, here's the latest preview, tweeted by The Collection's manager, Ben Robinson, of some of the shuttlecraft models, including the first looks at the lovely Type 6 and Type 9 models!

These three, along with the type 10, will be making their way to people who opted into the premium subscription model in the mostly recently launched European markets for The Collection. They are due to be released in other parts of the world too, but by as-yet undetermined means. You can see lots more picture of the Galileo in a previous report.

Meanwhile the mothership is incoming; it's just over a month until issue fifty, the original USS Enterprise makes it's debut in the UK. Eaglemoss' Hero Collector website has released several new images, giving us a closer look at the model. Continue below for more of the Enterprise, and news of other ships coming up in the series.

Ben Robinson also posted a new rendering of the Cousteau, the Enterprise-E's captain's yacht Insurrection. Apparently the CGI files from Insurrection have not resurfaced, so Eaglemoss have commissioned new models by Fabio Passaro. With a rendering done, I guess that means the yacht is on the way, but what about the other ships form the film? When asked about Son'a Ben had this to say:
Starfleet vessels first. Concentrating on those up to issue 90

And there was a similar reply to requests for the Soyuz class, ships from Wolf 359, and the Curry class; look for them beyond issue ninety. So we better hope the series gets another expansion, as there are many great designs still to find a slot!

Meanwhile one ship that does look likely to get a spot is the Orion vessel that replaced the blob of light in Journey to Babel when the episode got remastered. Ben has all the TOS remastered ships available to him now, and while he's not expecting to do models of them all, he has identified this as a favourite.

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Fox said...

Wow. That Orion ship looks... nothing like anything else in the franchise. Huh.

Anyway, TOS Enterprise looks fantastic... shame it's at the same scale as the TMP Enterprise--just a little too small for my tastes.

I got the two latest NA issues today, and speaking of small... GODDAMN. The Species 8472 ship is ridiculously tiny. It's like one of those old micromachines. SUPER disappointing. It's even tinier than the Excelsior! And it's almost 100% plastic. I really hope it's not indicative of future models. I get many more ships this small and I'm gonna cancel my subscription super fast.

Patrick said...

I felt the exact same way about the Species 8472 ship!
And why aren't key ships, like the TOS Enterprise being released in the large scale? Why reserve that honor for junk JJ Abhrams ships?

Fox said...

I think that's because the collection proper is for "proper" Star Trek--and the JJ-stuff is all (thankfully) a spin-off universe.

I do think they said something about doing BIG versions of the D and TOS Enterprise in the future, possibly. They're also doing the refit NX-01 as a special issue, but who knows if that'll be "big" or just re-use the mold of the old NX.

8of5 said...

I find the Orion ship rather reminiscent of the jellyfish from nuTrek, with a bit of ringship Enterprise too of course.

And agree on the annoyingness of how tiny the 8472 ship is, the narrow ship issue is my biggest disappointment with the series, I really wish they would figure out the size of the ships based on volume, I think that would give us a much more consistent sizing of ships, rather than the maximum length rules giving us tiny thinner ships all the time.

I'm fairly certain the NX-refit will be bigger, as it's consistently been talked about as a special issue, rather than an extra issue like the forthcoming ISS Enterprise. And there has indeed been talk of other larger scale hero ships, though the most recent tweets suggests this is more long term dreaming than anything on the immediate horizon.

Fox said...

Yeah. I don't mind the 8472 ship being so small because, you know, it's just not a design I care that much about. I was super-disappointed in the Excelsiors, though. If I didn't already have the Diamond Select XLCR and B, I'd probably have been a bit angry about it.

Unknown said...

Ben Robinson also announced that the Original series Enterprise will have a clear deflector dish, due to a manufacturing error. So be prepared to do a little painting on the most anticipated ship of the collection. The error should be fixed when they get around to releasing the Mirror Universe Enterprise.

Chris said...

Am I wrong or didn't they say they weren't doing any repaints other than the refit for the 1701 and 1701-A Enterprise?

8of5 said...

There's the refit/Enterprise-A, and also now the original/mirror repaints (the latter will have different nacelles too). I rather suspect the mirror Enterprise could be a bit of a test case to see how much demand there is for variants. If it sells well surely that would open the door for others.

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