Thursday 25 June 2015

Latest Starships Collection model previews

Eaglemoss have updated their online shop with several new images of recent issues in The Official Starships Collection. Including this week's UK release, issue forty-nine, the ECS Fortunate:

Continue below for more images of recent models, plus news of the shuttlecraft, and more:

Issue forty-eight was the armored USS Voyager, which was preceded by the IKS Negh'Var:

Meanwhile The Collection's manager, Ben Robinson has been active as ever on Twitter, including giving the first details of how the shuttlecraft models will be finding their way to different markets:
Available individually and as a pack. Afraid they'll be a little more expensive (exact cost TBC). Smaller quantities - higher price
He also confuirmed they will be available in the UK and US, and will be offered to subscribers and through Eaglemoss' online shop, but not general retail.

Finally Ben also shared this great photo of the USS Centaur studio model, freshly photographed by Star Trek visual effects artist Adam Buckner for use in the magazine when this ship is released as issue fifty-two.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love that we can get obscure stuff like the Fortunate through this collection.

The ablative armor Voyager looks okay. Not super exciting for me since I thought it was silly in the finale.

And on a side note, Eaglemoss shipped the Borg Cube with the Ent-C and the Malon Freighter!!

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