Saturday 13 June 2015

First look at new Star Trek Mega Bloks

At the recent Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, CBS put together a very impressive display showcasing half a century of Star Trek merchandising, ready to gather interest in the franchise ready for next year's fiftieth anniversary.

Among the historical overview, the leading edge including something we've not seen before, the first look at the new Mega Bloks Star Trek construction toys, as seen in the form of a particularly impressive (if you can see past the misaligned nacelle struts) model of the original USS Enterprise (image via Collider):

There's not yet been any information on what the Mega Bloks range will include, so this could just be a display piece (although it would be out of context with the rest of the exhibit, which is all real products). If it is the first look at an actual set, I would suspect it will be one of the higher end sets, as this is pretty big as construction toys go.

If you look towards the front of the display you can also see some of the Mega Bloks figurines. On display are all the main TOS crew, plus two versions of a TOS Klingon (one look to be transporter-style transparent), and two mirror universe characters.

Continue after the jump for a look at the rest of the Star Trek display from the Licensing Expo:

As well as displaying Star Trek merchandise, the real eye-catcher in the booth was a huge model of the Enterprise-A flying above:

The history of Star Trek merchandise was composed of four panels of images, and four cases of artefacts, giving a pretty thorough overview of all the sorts of Star Trek stuff that has been produced over the years, in more-or-less chronological order:

One image above comes from the The Licensing Awards Twitter, the rest are all from Collider, where you can also find lots of other photos of other displays from the Expo.

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