Sunday 21 June 2015

Latest TOS apparel from The Coop

The Coop have added several new items to their range of TOS apparel; all these latest designs draw inspiration from uniform and props. For instance, this TOS phaser fanny pack, which is more or less to scale; so when worn on the hip will almost look like a holstered phaser (as you can see in another image further down the page):

There's also a range of TOS uniform inspired messenger bags, which are designed with laptop/tablet transportation in mind. All three department colours will be available, and come with a neat little metal Starfleet delta rivet, and embroidered rank braids on the side. Continue below for more images.

The Coop were good enough to photograph both of these products with models, to give a sense of scale:

They have also released a new image of the Starfleet delta coin pouch (which I have previously previewed), showing it in-action (as active as a coin pouch can be at least):

This design will also be available in all three department colours. All the above items are due out in July.

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