Friday 5 June 2015

Search For Spock phaser preview

Diamond Select Toys have released a new video to demonstrate the light and sound features on their latest Star Trek toy prop, the forthcoming The Search For Spock phaser. As the video shows you can set the phaser to four different beam settings, plus overload, and to make sure you don't accidentally shoot someone there's even a safety lock!

Continue below for a look at the packaging (as posted on the DST Facebook page recently):

The Search For Spock phaser is due out some time this month, and is available for pre-order at places including: Things From Another World, Entertainment Earth, and Forbidden Planet.


Jerry said...

Can't wait. I've had mine on pre-order since the announcement. Any news on the variant they also showed off at Toy Fair last February?

8of5 said...

Not heard a thing so far.

John kooper said...

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