Thursday 1 May 2014

Starships Collection's Stargazer

This week The Official Starships Collection brings the USS Stargazer to UK collectors (it will find it's way to the US in June, and other parts of the world in the month following). The Collection's Facebook page has released new images of the magazine cover and model to show off issue nineteen in the series:

Continue after the jump for another look at the other previously released images of this model:

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Devin said...

Looks like the saucer section is too thin. It's supposed to be about twice the thickness of a Constitution refit.

Unknown said...

They also seem to have a real problem putting the starship name and registry in the right place with the right font.

Fox said...

Well, if each model has to have a huge flaw (and, evidently, they do) I'd rather the saucer be too than than too think.

The oversized nacelles on the Equinox, for example, just destroy the design's balance.

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