Friday 9 May 2014

Ship bits: Excelsior, Reliant, NX-01, and Daedalus

Here's a variety of ship focused news, starting with a look, or perhaps more of a listen, at DST's forthcoming USS Excelsior NX-2000. Aside from a few tweaks to the outside, this edition also comes with a completely different set of sounds to the NCC-2000 version, swapping out Captain Sulu for Captain Styles, along with a bunch of other Search For Spock sounds, right down to the splutter of a failing transwarp drive. DST released this video to demonstrate the sounds:

If you're more inclined to build your own starships, then Round 2 Models should be able to help you out, with their range of model kits. The newest addition to that range will be the USS Reliant, which is expected next month. recently previewed the Reliant kit, including a description of the kit contents, and note of an extra pack of decals that will be available:
The U.S.S. Reliant is comprised of 40 plastic parts that snap firmly together. The parts are molded in off-white, like the filming miniature used during production on Star Trek II. Registry and markings can be applied using water-slide decals (included), while a few touches of paint will complete the look of the ship as seen in the iconic film.

Also, the U.S.S. Reliant Model Kit includes a pose-able base and easy-to-follow pictorial assembly instructions. The finished model will measure 9.5” long. Fans should also be on the lookout for an accessory pack of water-slide “Aztec” decals that will be sold separately. These allow discriminating modelers to add the complex surface detail that can be tough to accomplish by painting.

For a more luxurious model, QMx are the people to go for, if you want hyper-detailed high quality starships. QMx recently sent Doug Drexler some behind the scenes photos from a run of their Enterprise NX-01 replica, which Doug in tern shared on Facebook. Here are a few, you can see more in Doug's gallery.

Continue after the jump for more of the NX-01, and a look at the Daedalus class due to be featured in Ships of the Line next year.

Finally, as revealed just a couple of days ago, one of the images in the 2015 Ships of the Line calendar will feature several Daedalus class vessels. The artist, Dan Uyeno, recently posted a couple of images of his take on the Daedalus on his blog, giving a nice look at the ships we'll be able to enjoy next year in the calendar.

You can see more of Uyeno's Daedalus in his DeviantART gallery.

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Brandon's Blog said...

I REALLY comes with "up your shaft"??? I must have it just for that reason. The Excelsior will always be NX (not NCC) in my eyes

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