Tuesday 6 May 2014

Ships of the Line and other 2015 calendars revealed

There are four Star Trek calendars announced for 2015 so far, and while there do not appear to be extra calendars for the UK and German markets this year, Universe Publishing will be continuing with all four of their designs: Ships of the Line, TOS, a daily calendar, and an engagement calendar. Amazon have now updated their listings for these four, revealing the covers, and (one of the most exciting Star Trek moments of each year) what ships we get to enjoy in Ships of the Line. So, here are the covers for Ships of the Line 2015:

You might recognise a couple of the images from book covers, and indeed 2015 will be a great year for Star Trek books fans, with the first ever appearances in Ships of the Line of both the USS Titan and Starbase Vanguard. Here's the run down:
  • The cover is "Vanguard Down", by Doug Drexler, featuring the USS Enterprise and Starbase 47 under attack from the Tholians. This image comes from the cover of the final Vanguard novel, Storming Heaven.
  • January is "Explorers", by Jenny DeSalle and Ali Ries, featuring the refit Enterprise NX-01.
  • February is "Xindi Reptilian", also by DeSalle and Ries, with the refit NX-01 again, but this time in the background behind two Xindi Reptilian ships.
  • John Eaves (whose pictures are normally painted) will be giving us a cool image of the Enteprise-E after a saucer separation. Apart from concept art, I think this might be the first time we've seen this (unless you count the toy version made by Romando).
  • Douglas Graves will be giving us a new view of the Klingon D4 class.
  • Gabriel Koerner has produced an encounter between a Constitution class and what looks like a variation of AMT's "Interplanetary U.F.O. Mystery Ship", a model kit ship designed by Matt Jefferies.
  • Tobias Richter has brought together his beautiful models of the USS Titan and Vanguard, or, considering the station is over a planet, another Watchtower class station.
  • Doug Drexler gives us a wider view of the construction site for the new Deep Space 9, as originally featured on the cover of Raise the Dawn.
  • D.M Phoenix has what looks like a fleet of Sabre class ships being attacked by a moon!
  • From Alain Rivard we have an encounter between movie era Constitution and Miranda class ships, not a Wrath of Khan scene remake though, as there's a shuttle flying about.
  • After a few years waiting for it, we finally get to see Andrew Probert's Wolf 359 clean-up operation painting.
  • Alain Rivard's second image takes us back to the original DS9, with a lot of Klingons visiting.
  • It looks like a potential Romulan War scene from Dan Uyeno, who has a fleet of Daedalus class ships under attack by a Romulan bird of prey.
  • And finally Michael Wiley has an encounter between the original USS Enterprise and the NX-01 refit.
Amazon also posted preview pages, giving us a good look at two of the images:

Continue after the jump for a look at the other three 2015 calendars:

The long-running TOS calendar has the usual assortment of stills from the show, with perhaps a few slightly more obscures scenes featured next year:

After this year's Juan Ortiz art-packed edition the engagement calendar seems a bit plain next year, featuring an assortment of monochrome emblems for the illustrated pages:


Also quite minimalist is the daily calendar, with the usual assortment of pan-franchise quotations:

If you're really keen, the Ships of the Line and TOS calendars will be available from July, while you have to wait until August for the daily and engagement ones.


Cube said...

Ships of the Line looks great. It would be even better with the NX class instead of the ugly refit version, though.

Unknown said...

Finally been waiting to see an actual render of the Enterprise-E with the saucer separation. I wonder what shuttle that is. Love all the images too.

Unknown said...

Nothing from new movies? Might be the first time in years I can easily skip this one. Oh well,guess collecting these had to stop at some point,lol!


Dan said...

I wonder if it's some new license issue preventing a Nu Trek appearance (though they've done them before) or just another decision from the Anti-AOS crowd?

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