Saturday 3 May 2014

Klingon Art of War preview

Out in just a few days is Keith R.A. DeCandido's first Star Trek book in a few a years. While it's not a novel this time, DeCandido is returning to familiar ground with a look at Klingon culture, in a new reference-ish sort of book, The Klingon Art of War.

In the book DeCandido guides us through Kahless' ten precepts; giving his original Klingon commandments, presented alongside numerous examples of the principles in action, from ancient pre-Kahless times, through to the Destiny-era of the 24th century novelverse. have now posted a few preview pages, giving us a look at the first precept (continues after the jump):

Also previously released is the ninth precept title page:

And if you're curious, the blurb lays out all ten precepts:
Passed down from the time of Kahless, ten precepts have shaped Klingon culture and indoctrinated Klingons in the Way of the Warrior. With this new translation, people from all walks of life—and all worlds—can harness the ancient Klingon wisdom and learn to embody courage, discipline, and honor.

• Choose your enemies well.
• Strike quickly or strike not.
• Always face your enemy.
• Seek adversity.
• Reveal your true self in combat.
• Destroy weakness.
• Leave nothing until tomorrow.
• Choose death over chains.
• Die standing up.
• Guard honor above all.

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Unknown said...

Does anyone know how we could get a poster size copy of the art work in the book? I love that first page with the 4 ships.

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