Monday 12 May 2014

Comic panels: Previews from City on the Edge of Forever, Lost Apollo, and New Visions

There are lots of Star Trek comics on the way this year, and here are some preview pages from three different series. We'll start with a look at the first three pages of Harlan Ellison's The City on the Edge of Forever, The Original Teleplay, which includes a panel full of dinosaurs!

These samples come via the Forbidden Planet blog, who have an advance review of the first issue (and rate it highly. You can see a few more samples of J.K Woodward's sumptuous pages in my previous report, from when the series was first announced.

Continue after the jump for a look at the latest samples from the nuTrek ongoing series, and John Byrne's photo-comics.

The next story in the nuTrek ongoing series will be the two-parter, Lost Apollo, which features art by Joe Corroney. Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos posted by Corroney on his Facebook page, showing us part of flashback scene, and inked artwork by Corroney and  Rob Doan (Vic Moya is also apparently inking parts of these issues):


Finally, here are the latest pages from John Byrne's New Visions photo-comics, as ever posted by Byrne on his own forums. This first page sees the Enterprise crew visiting the bridge of the USS Yorktown, which might give us a hint of a guest star in the story, as this ship has previously featured as Number One's command in Byrne's Romulan saga.

Here's what Byrne had to say about this page:
Here's a sneak peek those of you who have been following my TREK work for a while may find amusing. As you will recall, when I had the U.S.S. Yorktown appear, I asked the colorist to make the accents on the Bridge blue, rather than red. This was mostly to make it easier for the readers to tell immediately that we were not on the Enterprise.

The issue I am working on currently involves a mystery aboard the Yorktown (NO SPECULATION, PLEASE!), so I asked Chris Ryall if it would be okay for me to do the same color switch in the photonovel format.

Those with REALLY sharp eyes may notice some red "halos" around the blue. I'm in the (long and tedious!!) process of correcting those.  
In this next page, Byrne has a shuttlecraft coming in to land through an alien cityscape
Some of you will remember the cityscape I posted a while back. As it happens, the story for which I intended that shot went the way of ALL FLASH, so I set the image aside, against a time when I could use it. Yesterday was that time!

One of the things seen on this page is the way I have laterly been using multiple parts of people combined in one, in order to get supporting players for my stories without worrying about who signed off on the use of their likeness. Case in point, the redshirt in the last panel.

(Just noticed the sky is not visible thru the undercarriage of the shuttle in the second panel!)

Finally, this is Byrne's latest virtual set, helping fill in the gaps where existing imagery doesn't work for his stories:
Needed a Starfleet communications center for the issue currently in the works -- almost said "on the board" -- so, borrowing tradition from TOS, I built some new parts, imported some existing parts, and. . . .

For more information and links to my previous coverage on all the current Star Trek comics, hit the "comics" button on my schedule page.

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