Tuesday 27 May 2014

Latest Attack Wing starship miniatures

Wizkids have announced several new ships for their Attack Wing miniatures game. Recently solicited was wave ten, including a Vidiian starship, the mirror universe's Klingon Regent's flagship, and a squadron of Cardassian Hideki class.

Those will be coming in December, with wave eleven to follow in January, which will include a Romulan drone ship, a Hirogen warship, and a squadron of Federation fighters.

Meanwhile the next wave to see release is coming next month. Wave four will be the first with three (instead of four) ships. Those are the Vulcan D'kyr class, Bajoran Interceptor 5, and the extra large Borg Tactical Cube 138. Here they are all packed up:

And continue after the jump for a look at the contents of each expansion:

You can get a closer look and more details of some of the cards in these sets in recent preview articles on StarTrek.com: D'kyr class, Bajoran Interceptor, Borg Tactical Cube.

For more details of Attack Wing and other Star Trek miniatures games from Wizkids see my previous articles by looking back through my Wizkids tag. You'll also find details of all forthcoming releases by hitting the "models, props, toys, and games" tab on my schedule page.


Matt Gilbert said...

Looks great! I mostly get these as a continuation of my old Micro Machines collection. I'm really glad to see so much inclusion of Voyager and Enterprise ships. I hope they can expand into the new universe beyond the Expeditions ships, so we can get more Starfleet vessels. I actually wouldn't mind seeing some Son'a and Xindi ships too.

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