Wednesday 14 May 2014

TOS, TNG, and Haynes Manual images on more awesome sublimation T-shirts

Remember last year, when I reported on some especially cool T-shirts, which featured full-bleed sublimation print designs? Well it would appear I wasn't the only person that though these were awesome, as there has evidently been sufficient demand to add another twelve designs to the range from Trevco. The first collection was all TOS inspired, including designs based on Gold Key Comics and the Haynes Manuals. This second wave is a little more diverse with more TOS designs joined by couple of TNG shirts, and a five captains design. There are also three new designs drawing on imagery from the Haynes Manuals! Here they all are, (continues after the jump, images via Amazon):

All twenty designs in the range so far are available now form Amazon.

1 comment:

Corylea said...

I'd be interested in the one of Kirk and Spock IF Spock had a tricorder and not a phaser. Sure, Spock used a phaser from time to time, but a phaser isn't who he is; a tricorder is much more Spock-like. Spock would always rather neck-pinch someone than kill them.

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