Monday 12 May 2014

Do you want a hat? Here are some hats (and some other clothes too)

If you're a hat loving trekkie then you're in luck, as all of a sudden there are a lot of Star Trek hats on the market! One set comes from Brainstorm Gear, who have followed on from their range of Star Trek cycling jerseys with a set of three department colour inspired running hats (covered in go-faster deltas):

I mock the deltas, but Brainstorm do say these are hats made with running in mind, the front delta is in fact a safety feature!
This striking design is dye-sublimated on flyweight polyester that quickly wicks sweat away from your head and sends it off into space. Both the front badge and rear Star Trek logos are reflective for enhanced visibility and safety, so you can Boldly Go ... for a run, out with friends, or wherever the Universe takes you!

If you're a more relaxed hat wearer, than perhaps the range of Star Trek beanie hats available from the Great Gear Store will be more your thing. These are also inspired by the Starfleet department colours:

A more wrathful hat wearer? This final option might for you. Available from Your Favourite T-shirts is the Khaaan!! cap:

That's all my hat news, but continue after the jump for more of the latest Trek-wear, including hoodies, baby-clothes, bags, and uniforms.

This first item sort of have a hat built in actually, the latest from ThinkGeek is a hoodie, with the Enterprise on the back:

Aiming for a slightly younger market, but still boldly going, ThinkGeek have also added a new babygrow to their range:

Back with Brainstorm Gear, they have also recently introduced what they're calling "Cadet runner's shirts", a T-shirt featuring a delta made out of various Star Trek images, available in four colours, for both men and women:

Moving on to accessories, Entertainment Earth have recently added listings for several more of Crowded Coop's accessories range, giving us a better look at some of them. This latest wave are all expected in August. First we have (I think the coolest), one of the range of funky collage-style design bags, this one also comes with mini-tribble keyrings!

There are several examples from their "retro tech" range:

And all three TOS uniform style purses:

Speaking of uniforms, the final item here is the most authentic: Anovos' latest uniform replica takes us to the 24th century, with the utility jumpsuit uniform seen in DS9 and Voyager. As ever, Anovos have made sure this is as close to the real costumes as possible:
Our replica perfectly captures the look and feeling of this stalwart uniform. We examined screen used examples from DS9 and Star Trek: Voyager, as well as original patterns from the Star Trek Costume archive.

Available in Command Burgundy, Ops Mustard Gold, or Sciences Green Teal, our Premier Line Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit uses the same high quality, custom milled and dyed wool gabardine as our TNG Uniforms and duplicated perfectly from the original fabrics, and includes the Uniform Undershirt.
Anovos expect the uniforms to ship in December, and are taking pre-orders now.


Unknown said...

That purse is just too perfect! Love the colors and the tribble keychain is so cute! Thanks for the heads up. :D

Unknown said...

That anovos jump is perfect. Shame the price is high but you get what you pay for!

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