Tuesday 10 December 2013

First look at Starships Collection's nuEnterprise

Coming some time next year is the second special issue in The Official Starships Collection, the nuTrek USS Enterprise. As was the case with the first special, Deep Space 9 (which is newly out in the UK and still to come in the US), the Enterprise will be larger than most models in the collection, coming in at about 22cm (8.5 inches) long, rather than the 14cm (5.5 inches)longest side of regular issues.

StarTrek.com have posted the first preview images of the model, but do stress this is not the final version:

It's already looking like a contender for the best model of the ship to date to me (with the exception of QMx's artisan replica at least). StarTrek.com also promise the magazine will provide the usual coverage of the ship, including concept art and computer renderings showing how the ship was reimagined.

The Collection's Facebook page also recently posted an image of the forthcoming Borg Sphere issue. It's the same image as previously released, but at higher res, so you can take in all the detail they've packed into this model:

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.


Fox said...

Hm... the JJprise certainly looks good. Or as good as can be expected from the atrocious design.

Here's hoping they look to... other media for future special editions, like the litverse. As much as I dislike the JJprise, all of the other designs (sans Kelvin) in the JJ-verse stink even worse.

Destructor1701 said...

22cm? That's a good bit larger than DS9, if I'm not mistaken... Then again, I guess that's probably "in-scale"!

Rule of thumb: if it exists, the jjprise is larger than it. Except the bad guy ship.

Unknown said...

Nu Enterprise

I always thought that TOS Enterprise looked like a weapon. In person at the DC Smithsonian Air & Space museum the actual model looks rather like a crossbow or rifle.

The Nu-Ent. looks very safe and rounded in a cartoon like way.

I like all ship designs but TOS Ent. is the best ever. Compare the photos from the 1960ies of Kirk/Shatner holding the Ent. model with him holding the Phaser Rifle.

Nu-Enterprise needs some "Machismo"!

8of5 said...

Fox: I expect we're in for a run of nuTrek ships as specials, I would think at the very least the Kelvin, Vengeance and Narada. I'm hoping they give us more space stations too though; I'd love the TOS movie spacedock. Plus I think a whole series of ships in spacedock would be cool: NX-01 (refit) in dock, TMP Enterprise, D in McKinley Station, E in Nemesis dock.

Destructor: I make DS9 about 15cm, but it is basically spherical, so I guess they might be similar in volume, as the Enterprise is more long and thin.

David: Can't say I've ever found any Enterprise weapon-like, just not the sort of thing I'd associate with what the Enterprise is even about.

Unknown said...

I've never understood the hate some people have for the new Enterprise but to each his own.

I will say though that despite some hiccups (cough*TMP Enterprise*cough) Eaglemoss has mostly done an amazing job on these models. I personally have NEVER liked the design of the NX-01 from Enterprise, but it's one of my favorite models on the shelf because EM did such an amazing job on it.

8of5 said...

I think there are two things that drive hate for the nuEnterprise. 1) That some people just hate new things/change for the sake of it. 2) That it's actually very similar to the original Enterprises really, but certain bits are just adjusted enough to make it look different, and that difference is both similar and different enough to look "wrong" in comparison to the idea of the Enterprise we've known for decades.

I'm not old enough to remember what reactions were like when the movie-refit came along, or the Enterprise-D, but I can certainly recall how much hate there was for the NX-01, and that seems to have mellowed now we're all (mostly at least) used to it.

And I quite agree, the Eaglemoss ships are almost all amazing, long may they continue!

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