Wednesday 11 December 2013

Lots more tribbles from Qmx

Earlier this year QMx released a tribble into the world; but of course, where there is one tribble, there are always more. So it should come as no surprise that Qmx are now having to deal with their subsequent tribble over-population by send them out in batches - Qmx's new "mama tribble" includes one big tribble, and ten little baby tribbles.

Here's Qmx's description of the family:
Five-inch Mama has extra-long, gray fur with a slight sheen. She carries 10 little ones that also sport long fur in a variety of colors: brown, dark gray and white. Each Mama comes in a special container that features Nursery Tips and is designed to keep it safe and out of reach of pesky Klingons.
If I'm taking the term "carries" right, I think that means the baby tribbles can actually be put inside the mama, so you can re-create your own tribble birthing and infestation, as one tribble suddenly turns into eleven.

QMx are currently only taking sign-ups to get on a pre-order waiting list, but I'd expect this will come some time in the coming months.

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