Wednesday 11 December 2013

Polar Lights' new USS Reliant model kit

Round 2 Models' blog, Collector Model, has posted some preview images of the prototype for their forthcoming Polar Lights USS Reliant model kit. The 1:1000 scale Miranda class kit is a wholly new model currently being developed by Round 2, and at the moment is still having the kinks ironed out; quite literally, the saucer of the prototype is a bit wavy at the moment.

Mega Hobby have also posted box art for this new release, which they expect to come in June:

Once it's released the Reliant will join a growing collection of Polar Lights and AMT kits at the same scale: The NX-01 (recently reissued with extra parts for the refit design), 1701 (which was also recently re-released, coupled with an SS Botany Bay kit), 1701-A, 1701-B, Klingon D7, and Romulan D7.


Fox said...

I really wish American models would be pre-painted or at least molded in appropriate colors.

I went to Gunpla when I was thirteen or so and never looked back.

8of5 said...

Is not the painting part of the model making experience?

Fox said...

It's a part.

But you shouldn't need such a massive time and skill and money investment just to make a model (potentially) NOT look like ass.

I don't know about most modelers, but I don't have the time to devote to priming and painting and detailing a model. That's why I love gunpla--you don't need any glue, the parts are all molded in the correct colors, and with a little bit of time and a paint-pen you can make 'em look really good and detailed.

I also have a bad childhood experience with plastic model glue MELTING through the plastic of american models... and of Trek Models being pathetically cheaply constructed (parts that don't quite fit together; a tendency for the nacelle pylons to sag, etc.)

SFC3 said...
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SFC3 said...

Sorry Fox, but GUNPLA is copyrighted by Bandai - it's their design only.

I don't think they'd shell out to license for something trival.

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