Monday 9 December 2013

Complete Nemesis soundtrack, and other music news

Varèse Sarabande have announced they will be releasing the final soundtrack (from the prime-timeline films at least) in the complete Star Trek movie soundtrack project. Coming early in January will be Star Trek Nemesis: The Deluxe Edition. I'm particularly excited about this one, as Nemesis has some of my favourite themes in all of Star Trek music, plus this new edition includes Brent Spiner performing Blue Skies!

This will be a limited edition of five-thousand. Here's Varèse Sarabande's summary of what's in this release:
Goldsmith’s complete score from Star Trek Nemesis is presented, along with a set of bonus tracks that includes source music, a set of alternate cues and mixes, plus a rare opportunity to listen in to the final moments of Jerry Goldsmith on the Star Trek scoring stage with his orchestra and director Stuart Baird.
Here's the track listing too. Tracks in bold are new to this release, plus "A New Ending" is two minutes longer than the previous album release (the shorter version appears to be in the additional music section now):
1. Remus (2:01)
2. The Box (2:21)
3. My Right Arm (1:04)
4. Star Field** / Positronic Signal (1:57)
5. The Argo (1:17)
6. Odds And Ends (4:39)
7. Your Brother / Course Plotted (2:07)
8. Repairs (6:27)
9. The Knife (3:10)
10. Perfect Timing / Allegiance (2:21)
11. Secrets (1:28)
12. The Mine (1:30)
13. Ideals (2:16)
14. Options (0:55)
15. Bed Time / Transport (1:38)
16. Blood Test (1:23)
17. The Mirror (5:23)
18. The Scorpion** (2:24)
19. His Plans / Data & B-4 (2:39)
20. Battle Stations (2:40)
21. Attack Pattern (2:22)
22. The Invitation / True Nature / Let’s Go To Work (4:38)
23. Lateral Run (3:55)
24. The Viceroy (:20)

1. Engage (2:14)
2. Full Reverse (1:41)
3. Not Functional (2:54)
4. Final Flight (3:49)
5. Firing Sequence (:54)
6. A New Friend (2:38)
7. That Song / An Honor (1:24)
8. A New Ending (8:30)

Source Music:
9. Riker’s Strut #1 (Mike Lang) (1:07)
10. Riker’s Strut #2 (Mike Lang) (1:09)
11. Blue Skies (Vocal By Brent Spiner) (3:17)
12. Blue Skies (Instrumental) (2:37)

Additional Music:
13. Secrets (Alternate Mix) (1:29)
14. The Mine (Alternate) (1:33)
15. Options (Alternate) (:57)
16. Options (Alternate Mix) (:58)
17. Data & B-4 (Alternate) (1:39)
18. Battle Stations (Alternate Mix) (2:44)
19. Attack Pattern (Alternate Mix) (2:24)
20. True Nature (Alternate Mix) (1:30)
21. A New Ending (Alternate) (6:11)
22. Director And Composer (2:35)
So the only movie left without a complete soundtrack now is Into Darkness, which is also in the hands of Varèse Sarabande. I hope it comes soon! In the mean time there is a little Into Darkness music news I've yet to report. A little while ago (back in September in fact!), John Tenuto let me know that after a little delay from the CD and digital release in May, the promised vinyl release of the Into Darkness soundtrack has indeed become a reality. As far as I can tell this is the first Star Trek film soundtrack release on vinyl since The Final Frontier, all the way back in 1989!

In other Star Trek music news, Star Trek Soundtracks list three forthcoming releases from La La Land Records. They suggest still to come this year (although maybe that has slipped by now), will be a follow up the 2011 TNG soundtrack collection, in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Volume 2. While in 2014 they are anticipating soundtrack collections for the music of Voyager and Enterprise as well.


Fox said...

What Nemesis music tracks do you think are best? The only TNG movie with really memorable music, to me, was FC, but it's been a long time since I saw Nemesis.

8of5 said...

I'm pretty found of the whole thing, there's a general sense of foreboding and menace, punctured every now and then by flares of the TNG theme. It's got an interesting sound too, with the electronic and percussive elements almost echoing some of the sounds of The Motion Picture's soundtrack.

I'll admit it's maybe a bit samey throughout, so it's a hard to pick favourite tracks, I just like the themes. If pushed I might pick "The Scorpion", which has some nice bits from the recurring theme, and an especially nice flare of the TNG themes a the end. "Final Flight" is quite nice too, very bombastic.

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