Saturday 7 December 2013

Latest Round 2 box art

Star Trek Argentina has posted new box art for two forthcoming starship model kits from Round 2 Models. Due out this month is the latest re-issue of the AMT 1:1400 scale USS Enterprise-E model kit. The kit was first released in 1997 has had several re-releases over the years, the most recent being Round 2's first reissue back in 2009. The 2013 edition features new artwork by John Eaves:

Also revealed is the new box art for Round 2's re-release of the the 1:420 scale USS Defiant kit. According to Memory Alpha this one was first released in 1996, and hasn't seen a reissue since 1997! The new release is apparently due in February:

Thanks to my reader Alex Sz for pointing me towards these.

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