Monday 21 October 2013

Latest Starships Collection models, and other starship stuff

Entertainment Earth has added new listing for issues of the Official Starships Collection coming in the first half of next year, including revealing the official model photos for the Jem'Hadar cruiser (issue thirteen), and Galor class (issue fourteen):

Things From Another World's listing meanwhile include a new image of the USS Excelsior model (issue eight):

Here too are better quality versions of previously released images of the USS Defiant and USS Voyager models, from Forbidden Planet and the next-issue preview from the Romulan Warbird issue:

For an previews, reviews and a complete listing of issues in the Starships Collection, check out my index page. Meanwhile, in other starships news, check out this cool little animation of the USS Titan, made by The Light Works in support of a campaign to make a Titan TV series:

And finally, Mark Radmaker has been busy with ringships. Here's an unusual forward view of his ringship Enterprise, which he posted on Facebook:

And jumping ahead a couple of generations, here is the latest work-in-progress shot of his design for the USS Demeter (from the Voyager relaunch), also posted on Facebook. He's preparing this one for an appearance in next year's Ships of the Line calendar:


Brandon's Blog said...

I really don't understand how amazing that Jem'Hadar cruiser can look so fantastic! and the color on the Galor can be so WRONG..????

8of5 said...

The Jem'Hadar ship does look pretty good doesn't it.

I expect the colour of the Galor class is a photo error. It wouldn't be the first time they've released photos that show a tone way off from the final product. The glimpses we've seen of the Galor model before now have shown it not nearly so dark.

luna.ben said...

I'm happy with their work so far but it troubles me that the pennant on Defiant's port side nacelle is backwards.

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