Tuesday 15 October 2013

Trek Toys, loads of them!

All of a sudden there seems to be an abundance of new Star Trek toy information! So here's a look at the many varied Star Trek play things on the way:

First up, just when maybe you were thinking the nuTrek toy range might be winding down after Into Darkness, Hasbro have released another set in the Kre-O collection. This Toys'r'us exclusive appears to be a reissue of the USS Enterprise set, but come with battle damage stickers, and a wholly new Klingon battle cruiser model! Also included is the first Chekov Kreon figure, and new uniform variants of other characters.

Square Enix will be giving us another rather stylised take on the Trekverse, with their new Star Trek action figures, from their Play Arts KAI range. They displayed the painted versions of these for the first time at the New York Comic Con. The photo below comes from Cool Toys Review's coverage of the display. You can get a closer look at them in other photos in Cool Toys' gallery, and if you really want to scrutinise them, Toy News International, Toy Ark, and Tomopop have all posted galleries too!

Continue after the jump for news of many more figures and ship models on the way:

Toy Ark also posted a photo of a prototype Klingon figure, being developed by Funko for their Pop! vinyl range. So far, Star Trek figures in this collection have only come in the form of TOS uniform clad The Big Bang Theory characters, so this is the first look at a pure Trek character in the style:

Previews have, previewed, a new addition to the Skele-Treks range. Following from the six-inch figures on the way, will be a series of two-inch versions of the Mexican inspired Star Trek characters. These will be sold in blind bags, and for the Borg drone at least, will be a simplified version compared to the larger counterpart (he's lost his tubing at the smaller scale):

T-Hunted have posted news of the third release of the mini nuUSS Enterprise model in the Hot Wheels range. Due out next year, the Enterprise will be part of the Retro Entertainment collection, alongside other licensed vehicles. It looks like this release will be getting a paint upgrade from the versions of it released this year, as it's pictured with painted nacelle caps here:

More little ships will be coming next year, in the form of the third wave of expansion ships for Wizkids' Attack Wing game. Devir Americas posted this image of the four ships in the wave:

And finally, also from Wizkids, here's their latest preview from Tactics 3, an assimilated Galaxy class. It's not any old Galaxy class though, this is "Assimilation Target Prime", the Enterprise-D from an alternate timeline. The preview details the desperate existence of this survivor from the Borg attacks:


ety3rd said...

I already bought the Kre-O Enterprise ... any word on if the Klingon ship will be released later on its own?

8of5 said...

Hasbro don't seem to be doing "word", they just randomly throw out another set here and there!

I'm pretty surprised to see this at all; hard to say if it's the final hurrah of the line, or kicking off another wave.

Unknown said...

I don't think Hasbro's line has sold badly but here in the UK it isn't on sale at all aside from random sets on Amazon and other online sites. Nothing in bricks and mortar stores which is such a shame, i'm not sure if retailers were put off by the lacklustre performance of KRE-O Battleship or the Star Trek brand but a dreadful shame either way since if it's not out there, it's not going to be seen.

I hope at Toy Fair we see a new line of Star Trek KRE-O that's based on the original series and next gen as well as some sets based off of Star Trek 2009! They need to get these sets in store across the world though and not do US TRU only exclusives.

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