Thursday 24 October 2013

Comic bits: Eugenics Wars, photo-comic, and new covers

A few bits of comics news, starting with the latest comments from Mike Johnson on the Khan prequel series: The IDW Tumblr posted an interview, which included this note of how the Eugenics Wars will be presented in relation to real history, in comparison to Greg Cox's Eugenics Wars books:
I’m a fan of that series, but in developing this new one we wanted to stick to what is canon, which is what is on film and TV, and create a new story based on that. The biggest difference is that we wanted the Eugenics Wars to be known to the public in the 1990’s, rather than allow the possibility that they happened without anyone knowing in our own ‘90s.
You can read the rest of the interview, here. IDW's editor-in-chief, Chris Ryall, also has a Tumblr, and that's where he posted these preview pages from John Byrne's forthcoming photo-comic (the first in a series if it goes well):

Finally, here are the latest omnibus covers (after the jump):

Out this week apparently is the new hardcover omnibus of the complete TNG/Doctor Who crossover series. Here's the cover by J.K. Woodward, it's actually a wrap-around cover, you can see the full design in one of my previous posts.

A little further ahead, as I mentioned just a few days ago, IDW have some new omnibuses on the way, and Amazon have now released covers for those too. Here's Gold Key Archives Volume 1, which emulates the classic Gold Key cover style. The artwork might seem familiar, IDW originally used for an alternative cover for Burden of Knowledge #1, it's by Michael Stribling:

And here is the cover for latest nuTrek ongoing omnibus, Volume 7, which uses the cover from the second issue in the four-part story it will collect, The Khitomer Conflict (that issue happens to be out this week, see the preview here):

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