Tuesday 1 October 2013

Books bits: Cross Cult Voyager, Klingons, and aliens among us!

Books news! Starting as ever with shiny new covers: Cross Cult have posted their latest cover drafts on the German Star Trek books Facebook page. Continuing the German release of the Voyager relaunch Cross Cult's regular artist, Martin Frei, has created another diptych design for the next two books in the series, which form the Spirit Walk duology (or Geistreise in German). Here is the combined cove draft for Old Wounds (Alte Wunden) and Enemy of My Enemy (Der Feind meines Feindes):

Cross Cult currently have these two scheduled for May and June next year. Looking further ahead, their Star Trek books website also lists the first books in The Fall series, but no information yet one when they'll be coming (based on what's already scheduled, I'd not expect them until 2015). 

Elsewhere in the Star Trek publishing world, The G and T Show recently interviewed Keith R.A. DeCandido, who talked with them about all sorts of Star Trek stuff (and other stuff too), including giving a neat description of his forthcoming return to Star Trek books, in The Klingon Art of War:
I've been jokingly calling it a self help book (which it kind of is). It's a guide to living a proper Klingon life; it's not just applicable to warriors, it's supposed to be applicable to anybody. It's set up with ten precepts on how to live your life like a proper bad-ass Klingon, and each of those precepts is spelled out with various anecdotes from Klingon history. Some of them are pulled from episodes of the show, some of them from the various TV shows and movies, some of them are pulled from novels and comic books, and some I completely made up from scratch for the book.

KRAD also mentioned that his authorship of this book was thanks to a recommendation by fellow Trek author Dayton Ward. And speaking of Mr Ward... He recently posted on his blog, part of the original pitch for his recent (and excellent) TOS UFO paranoia novel, From History's Shadow. Check out Dayton's blog for a sample of what the book might have been like if it had been written, as originally proposed, as a DS9 novel.

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