Monday 28 October 2013

QMx's latest replicas, and other ship bits

QMx have added a listing to their site for the forthcoming Enterprise ring ship artisan replica. The model, based on Mark Rademaker's take on the design (which premiered in the 2011 Ships of the Line calendar), will be released at the end of November. There will be just twenty-five produced! The ring ship will come with the same design stand as used for the model-ships display in Star Trek Into Darkness. Here are some pretty pictures:

QMx have also updated their listing the USS Vengeance replica model (which is now available to order), showing off their optional display case:

You can see high res photos of the Vengeance in my previous report. Continue after the jump for the latest Starships Collection images, and more:

At a slightly smaller scale, Eaglemoss have announced the release date of their first special issue in The Official Starships Collection. The larger than usual Deep Space Nine model will be released on 28th of November, in the UK and Ireland. Some Kind of Star Trek released this new image of the model:

I've also found a few better quality versions of previously released model photos. The collection's twitter released this high res photo of the K't'inga class:

The rest of these images come from listings on X-Comics: A much better view of the USS Excelsior, plus slightly improved views of the USS Voyager and Borg Sphere:

A Japanese blog posted the following images of the Japanese packing for the collection, which so far has been released as a test run, published by DeAgostini locally. They get a much more elaborate presentation, with the ship model encased within a larger box also holding the magazine:

Finally, coming right back round to ringships, here's another tease of things to come from Mark Rademaker. This is his latest look at the USS Demeter, from the Voyager relaunch books, which he is envisioning as a Vulcan/Andorian hybrid design:

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