Tuesday 1 October 2013

New starships calendar covers, and 2014 calendar round up

There are at least eight 2014 Star Trek calendars available to choose form around the world, most are already available, but there's one still to come, which is Danilo's starships calendar for the UK market. Last year their ships calendar focused exclusively on nuTrek, with a mixture of stills from the first film, and concept art. For 2014 they've broadened the range of ships on display, with stills, promo shots, and concept art from across the franchise. Here are the covers, for the calendar which is out in a week or so:

Last year Danilo also released a TOS calendar, but this year they've switched tracks, and gone for an Into Darkness design. Here are the covers for that calendar, which was released a few weeks ago:

Continue after the jump for a run-down of all the other 2014 calendars available:

US based Universe Publishing will be releasing most of the 2014 calendars, five different designs available:

Engagement calendar, featuring Juan Ortiz's TOS art

There is also a German calendar from Panini. Last year they featured poster artwork from all the Star Trek films, but this year they too will be offering an Into Darkness image collection (that's three different designs around the world!)

On top of all these paper calendars, this year has seen the release of a more fanciful means of tracking the date in Star Trek form. That comes from Westland Giftware's new USS Enterprise perpetual calendar. Here are a couple of nice new photos of that, from ModCloth's listing of it:

Personally, I only have eyes for the wholly original, and always beautiful, artwork we're treated to every year from the Ships of the Line series. But whatever your tastes, there's certainly no lack of options again this year (especially if you're a big Into Darkness fan!).


ety3rd said...

I was digging the cover of the plain "Star Trek" Official Calendar ... until I saw there was no "DS9" love.

And "Ships of the Line" seems a bit Enterprise-E heavy, no?

8of5 said...

Well, the Klingon BoP and Romulan warbird Could be considered DS9, so it's almost covered!

And I suppose there are a few Enterprise-E shots this year in Ships of the Line, but it's not had that much love before over the course of the series, so it all balances out :)

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