Sunday 6 October 2013

Latest little ships

A few little bits, pertaining to little ships: Eaglemoss have announced new details of the US release of The Official Starships Collection. The first issue (see my review), which is out next week in the US, will be starting the series at a promotional price, for the US that's $4.95. All subsequent issues will be $19.95. Looking a bit further ahead in the series, the magazine's website is now showing a different cover for issue 7, the K't'inga class, to that previously in circulation:

UPDATE: Forbidden Planet and Some Kind of Star Trek have released a couple more images, giving us new views of issue seven, USS Voyager, and issue eleven, USS Reliant:

Forbidden Planet have also posted a much higher resolution version of the previously released Deep Space 9 model image, which will be coming as a larger special issue at the end of the year:

At a smaller scale (UPDATED), there are several bits of news from Wizkids' Attack Wing game, including details of special bits and pieces being given away are retailer events over the next few months. You kind full details of the Dominion War events on Wizkids' page, which includes a look at some of the new ships involved, such as these neat sets of Federation and Cardassian fighters:

Meanwhile for the more widely available ships, Entertainment Earth have added listings for the next two waves of expansion packs. They are:
Wizkids have also updated their Attack Wing website with images of the next four expansion packs, which are out this month: the USS Defiant, IKS Kronos One, IRW Praetus, and the Dominion's 5th Wing Patrol Ship. These are apparently considered wave 1, following the wave 0 set of ships released alongside the initial starter set. Here's what they look like all packed up:

Continue after the jump for a look at the contents of each pack, as well as the latest Star Trek Tactics previews:

Finally, Wizkids have also been continuing to preview the newly released Tactics III Heroclix game. Here are the details of the Columbia NX-02, and a surprise appearance from the litverse, the IRW Avatar of Tomed (from the Shatnervese novel, The Return):


Unknown said...

I hope that one day someone will give us an awesome DS9!

Some Kind of Star Trek said...

Thanks for the plug! Clive @Some Kind of Star Trek. Great stuff you're doing here!

8of5 said...

Thanks Clive, I enjoy your site too, am a regular reader :)

And Matthew, you don't think the Eaglemoss DS9 is awesome?

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