Tuesday 8 October 2013

New Trek advert: Brilliant Enterprise

General Electric have released a new advert in their Brilliant Machines series. This latest spot sees Mr Sulu and Science Officer 0718 saving the Enterprise from plunging into a black hole (again) using (a little oddly) General Electric's "deep sea fuel technology" (that is, I believe, some sort of apparatus they have developed for the exploitation of those ever more elusive hydrocarbons down on planet Earth). Check it out:

I can't find any sort of behind the scenes information on this yet, other than a list of production staff, I wonder if they filmed this back when Into Darkness was shooting, or pulled a few of the set pieces, and costumes, out of storage to make it.

This isn't the first film to be worked into a GE advert, previous examples include the equally enjoyable yet bizarre entries based on The Matrix and Back to the Future.

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