Thursday 3 October 2013

October's retro prints

Juan Ortiz's retro TOS designs might now be available in its entirety in the new book dedicated to the series, but for those of you still looking to fill a bit of wall space, there are still a few more quartets of posters to come. Here are the four designs for October, with highlights from Juan Ortiz's commentary on each design from


It is a tribute to Georges Méliès' A Trip to the Moon. The iconic image of the rocket hitting the moon in the eye from that film is, of course, replaced with Kirk and the Enterprise.

The Cloud Minders

This was meant to be a page out of a storybook. My initial thought was to go with an image of Droxine, representing a sort of princess. I felt, however, that the image of the floating city had more of a magical and mysterious tone to it. 

Mudd's Women

I thought of the old movie musicals/comedies. Back in the days before video, cable and DVDs, any old movie on TV would do. Sometimes there would be a whole week of musicals. This episode is in no way lighthearted, but the idea for the design was tough to resist.

The Squire of Gothos

The noose was the hook. I was able to build upon that one image. There is some Russian poster influence in this one also.
I didn't want the noose to be too central. To me the poster was still about the trial and this photo of the actor was too perfect. But what sets this one apart from most is the written copy along the side. 

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