Tuesday 14 May 2019

USS Enterprise-A found in yard sale

A giant model of the USS Enterprise-A turned up at a yard sale in Toronto, Canada this week! It was spotted by several social media users who captured some slightly surreal images of the stranded starship among trees on a lawn.

The ship, which was apparently previously displayed in a local cinema, was briskly purchased by one of those local passers-by, Bill Doern, who whisked it away to spacedock for repairs (in a trailer).

Bill has set up a Facebook page so you can follow his work on the model and see where it ends up. Continue after the jump for a few more images of this delightful find:


BCL1 said...

Sweet. Now I know what I want for Father's Day.

MrMyu said...

"My god Bones... where have I parked?"

"Where you had to park. Where you've always parked."

Lexx said...
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