Tuesday 28 May 2019

Star Trek: Year Five #2 covers and preview

Out this week is the second issue, and part two of the first Tholian-focused story, of IDW's new TOS comic series, Year Five. The same creative team from the first issue continue here, with a story by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, illustrated by Stephen Thompson.

This book is offered in two covers. The main cover comes from issue artist Stephen Thompson and colourist Charlie Kirchoff. A retail incentive cover is also available, a retro poster style design by J.J. Lendl. Continue below to check out those, and a five page preview:

You can continue reading the rest of the book by picking up a copy at your local comic book shop, or from online retailers like these: AmazonThings From Another WorldiTunes.

Meanwhile, also out this week is a new mega omnibus from IDW, Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Missions Continue. This collects  five older TNG series from IDW: The Space Between, Intelligence Gathering, The Last Generation, Ghosts, and Hive. Here;s the final updated cover, from Joe Corroney, original used for The Space Between #5.

You can find reading lists for several Star Trek comic series on my Trek Collective Lists site. To keep track of all the latest Star Trek comic releases, hit the comics button on my 2019 schedule page.

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