Saturday 25 May 2019

Wild Bangarang launch loads of new Star Trek leggings

Activewear makers Wild Bangarang have released a new wave of Star Trek designs, including no less than eight different TOS and TNG legging designs! Continue below to check those out. But first...

Alongside the leggings they have also released their first Star Trek dress, with a Klingon Bird of Prey theme:

 The same designs are also used on one of those new pairs of leggings:

Continuing the Klingon theme, there's also a Klingon emblem design, covered in a smaller Bird of Prey pattern:

Representing the Romulans, there's a uniform inspired design:

There are two designs using some of Juan Ortiz' TOS retro poster artwork. This first pair uses elements from his The City on the Edge of Forever poster:

A more atypical episode to feature, this pair uses the artwork for The Way to Eden:

These delightfully colourful pride leggings, bring the rainbow pride flag to life in a distinctly Star Trek way:

And finally there's a couple of text-based Starfleet Academy designs. This first pair matches a previously released top, celebrating the Kobayashi Maru:

And this design takes a campier angle, labelling the wearer a Space Cadet:

You can check out Wild Bangarang's full Star Trek range, which includes even more leggins, crop tops, and a skirt, on their website.

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