Wednesday 15 May 2019

New Star Trek Pride clothing

The Star Trek Shop has launched a new collection of Star Trek themed Pride clothing, combining the LGBT rainbow flag with various Star Trek icons and slogans, sometimes with great effect. Continue below to check them out:

The most effective of the bunch is I think the "Boldly Go" T-shirt, adding a new layer of meaning to the classic Trek catchphrase:

Naturally as a starship fan I'm also quite taking by the USS Enterprise trailing a love rainbow:

And of course Trek's top gay couple gets some much deserved love with a special Culmets T-shirt:

The Vulcan hand sign gets the rainbow treatment too, although I'm surprised they've not done anything with the IDIC, which is a perfect pride crossover symbol!

On a related note there's a series of garments sporting a pride themed Live Long and Prosper design, available as a T-shirt, tank top, or hoodie:

And similarly there's a rainbow-styled Starfleet delta available as a hoodie, or tank tops in white or black.

This new collection adds to a range begun a couple of years ago, with an assortment of other rainbow Starfleet delta designs.

The Official Star Trek Shop

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