Sunday 12 May 2019

Borg Cubes now come as lunch boxes, and much more

Borg Cubes have been turned into all manner of products before, and the latest incarnation of the terrifying giant ship is... a lunch box! Coming soon from The Coop, this 20cm cubed lunch tote will send a shiver down your spine, by insulating your lunch! Big Bad Toy Store currently have it on pre-order for expected arrival this month. Continue below to check out more images, of this and other recent Borg Cube homewares inspired homewares:

If that's just not enough Borg Cube for you, Ukonic came up with possibly the biggest Borg Cube "model" so far released (some time in 2017); a bean bag cover, measuring some twenty inches on each side. (Images via Stylin Online)

Back at the smaller scale, a rather delightful cube found its way to the world via the Sci Fi Block subscription box in December 2016, a Borg Cube puzzle cube - This appears to be completely useless as an actual puzzle, as there doesn't seem to be any pattern to reconnect, and I for one enjoy the absurdity of that! (Image via Hello Subscription)

The final cube of the day is one of my favourites, a Borg Cube block of adhesive notes. Printed with a far more screen accurate rendering than most Borg Cube merch, it's quite a pleasing "model" which also being rather practical. Alas it's not so easy to get hold of, unless you want to buy 250-500 of them at wholesale from the makers Tower One Promotions - They tell me they were available at the 2017 Comic Con, so some are in the wild at least.

Borg Cubes have been made into many other products over the years, see my Trek Collective List for a look at all the previous models and curiosities.

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