Thursday 9 June 2016

Vina the Orion joins the Star Trek Barbie collection

Did you like the new Star Trek Barbie dolls revealed the other day? Well how about an extra one, in green! Coming exclusively to the San Diego Comic Con in July, and to be pre-orderable via Matty Collector website (which also announced the news), is a Barbie version of Vina, from the pilot episode The Cage, in her guise as an Orion slave girl. She looks rather fabulous don't you think!

She comes in equally splendid and rather psychedelic packaging.

In fact she is quite comprehensively packaged. As assume this rectangular faux vintage TV, with 50th anniversary logo, is the outer layer:

Under which is another sleeve with quotes and artwork from The Cage, which can then be removed to finally reveal Vina herself.

Vina will be available in July at Comic Con, and will join the other new Star Trek Barbies (Captain Kirk, Spock, and Uhura), who are due out next month. Together this year's releases will almost double the total number of Star Trek Barbies in the world; see my Trek Collective List for a look back through all the previous dolls.

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