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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Beautiful new Jaylah poster

Paramount have released another poster for Star Trek Beyond, this time giving us a beautiful close up look at our new alien friend Jaylah:

I really love Jaylah's design, it's so gloriously crisp! And those eyes! It's not something that was as easy to create as you might think at first glance, as /Film noted in their set report article:
The make-up for Sofia Boutella‘s alien character Jaylah is a mix of prosthetics and traditional makeup techniques and a wig. Harlow says its of the hardest make-up applications on the show because it’s “so clean.” The entire forehead is an appliance and everyplace you see black is a silicone prosthetic. Every day Sofia works she has to undergo three and a half hours of application and a half hour of removal at the end of the day.
I wonder if this is the start of a second round of character posters, or whether Jaylah is just being singled out for being so eye-catching.

You can find a gallery of all the Star Trek Beyond posters on Trek Collective Archives. To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page.

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