Monday 13 June 2016

Hot Wheels' tiny Spock, and other new Star Trek cars

A round-up of Hot Wheels' latest Star Trek releases below, starting with their newly announced Comic Con exclusive. Available at the San Diego Comic Con in July will be 1964 Buick Riviera, with a tiny model Spock sitting on the bonnet. This recreates a well know photograph of Leonard Nimoy with his car, taken during the production of Star Trek. The car and figurine come in a display case emblazoned with the 50th anniversary logo, and with a backdrop recreating the original photograph.

Images via Toy Ark and And here's the inspiration:

Hot Wheels also recently released a set of six car in their Pop Culture range which feature TOS character designs. Those include Captain Kirk on a Quick D-Livery:

Spock is shown on Deco Delivery vehicle:

Doctor McCoy looks groovy on a VW T1 Panel Bus:

Uhura stands out on a bright yellow Ford Transit Super Van:

A Baja Breaker features Scotty:

And finally (sorry Chekov), Sulu pulls in on a '70 Chevelle Delivery:

Also available at the same sort of scale is Hot Wheels' smaller version of the nuTrek Enterprise, a re-release of the model which has been re-issued several times since it's 2013 debut. This time it comes in 50th anniversary packaging:

For a look back through all the previous Hot Wheels releases, see my Trek Collective Lists for starships and cars.

Thanks to Darth Duranium and Carwyn John for pointing me to some of the above on Twitter.

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