Monday 27 June 2016

Star Trek Beyond trailer #3 dazzles

The third major trailer for Star Trek Beyond has been released, and it's simply stunning, and features Rihanna's new single that is attached to the film, Sledgehammer.

Continue below for the usual screencap breakdown, and as ever, proceed with caution if you are spoiler adverse; looking at stills can tell you a lot more than fleeting glimpses of video:

So we start at the absolutely stunning Starbase Yorktown. Could Earth Spacedock have a contended for the most beautiful starbase? I think so!

Kirk with that big holographic display officer thing:

Then a shot of the bridge, I assume with the swarm approaching, as you can see something in the reflection of the window:

Very interesting new shot here, the swarm either appears to move as one entity before it attacks the Enterprise, of there's a mothership of some sort:

This shot seems to show a variant of the swarm ships, which are mostly two-pronged, this one seems to have a three way symmetry. perhaps Krall's personal ship?

Events inside the Enterprise:

This shot fascinates me, what are we seeing here? It looks Federation aesthetic, and seems to be launching in a way similar to a captain's yacht. What is this?

And another mystery capsule (beautiful space shot too, this looks so real!)

The last moment of the engineering section, possibly with a lot of shuttles making a last attemt to escape?

And a slightly longer version of a shot we've seen before, confirming Kirk stays on the suacer until the very last moment!

Later, on the Franklin I assume:

An extra shot of Kirk and Chekov escaping the saucer, again.

More swarm:

The mysterious pink alien in the non-standard uniform. Who is this??

And another stunning shot, this time the crashed saucer. If nothing else this film is going to be beautiful!

Kirk and Jaylah on the motorbike:

A new alien:

And his amazing red shirt ray!

The three pronged ship again:

Spock fighting hand to hand; is this how he gets injured?

Very interesting shot, the swarm seems to be able to evade the torpedo, like a shoal of fish!

And some magnificent fiery action around the Franklin. Have they somehow been able to set the entire swarm ablaze?

Several new TV spots have also been released recently. The most recent also features quite a lot of new footage, with a new emphasis on the closeness of the crew:

Two further spots are just recuts of previous trailers:

Star Trek Beyond will be arriving in cinemas around the world from the end of July. To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page, and see the relevant pages on Trek Collective Archives to find all the trailers, posters, and promotional stills too.


Fox said...

It's certainly visually stunning, and the song fits the visuals nice.

But I can't help but notice how it says exactly nothing about the plot. And that usually does not bode well.

Q said...

Ok, like the first movie but didn't love it, absolutely hated the 2nd movie. But this one looks...i'm almost afraid to say...really good? They certainly have me looking forward to it. At 45 years old, all I want from my Star Trek is entertainment and this movie seems to be that.

Kevman7987 said...

The shot of something featurng Federation design aesthetic that seems to be launching in a way similar to a captain's yacht is actually something else. To me it looks like a reverse view from the inside of the ship's neck showing the secondary hull dropping away and being left behind during an emergency saucer separation.

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