Friday 3 June 2016

The Borg have assimilated, your beverages

There's trouble brewing in the Delta Quadrant! You better perk up and get ready in a shot, make your way espresso to the transporter room, ready to bean over with the next away team. Don't be latte...


New from ThinkGeek, the latest in a curious run of things inspired by Borg Cubes (fridge, light, rug, leggings, another light...), the new Borg Cube mug! The first couple of lines of ThinkGeek's own description sums it succinctly: "Looks like a Borg cube. But it's a coffee mug". More images after the jump!

As mentioned above, this is not nearly the first household item shaped like a Borg Cube, even before ThinkGeek got very enthusiastic about them there were Borg Cubes popping up all over the place. Check out my Borg Cube models list for a look back through every variation of the classic Borg ship.

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