Monday 13 June 2016

Fansets pins offer a universe of Star Trek characters and ships

Fansets, makers of pop culture pins, have entered the world of Star Trek, with a huge new range of pins featuring Star Trek characters and ships from all the prime timeline series (even TAS!). As Fansets state in their mission statement:
At FanSets, we are fans too and we want to make pins that we would want to collect. That means you won’t just get the same well known characters that everyone does but you’ll get the ones that only real fans know. 
In fact Star Trek will be the first universe they draw from (with the promise of Harry Potter and DC Comics ranges coming soon). So far they're making good on their promise to offer a wide variety of characters, with main characters from all the series joined by significant but rarely seen friends (heck, offering anything outside of TOS and TNG is a rarity!).

There are currently twelve character pins available, each two inches tall, with a further ten already announced:

Joining all those characters are some really cool mission-patch style ship badges, which are each about two and a quarter inches across, The Klingon D7 is the only one available right now, but twelve more have already been announced.

The Fansets website has only just launched, but also promises it will host a member's club, which will offer monthly exclusive pin designs. Details of signing up to that have yet to be announced.


mark bernero said...

The ships look great --- The characters -- Not so much!

Unknown said...

The Excelsior class is killing me. It drives me nuts when I see an Excelsior refit called the "Excelsior."

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