Saturday 25 June 2016

Behold the huge Mega Bloks USS Enterprise

This year Mega Bloks have returned to the world of Star Trek with a range of TOS construction sets, which include playsets of key locations, and models of ships. All but one of the sets in the first wave have already made their way into the world, and now that final set, the largest in the range, has joined them on Amazon, where it can be pre-ordered ahead of an expected July release.

The huge USS Enterprise set is made from 3,098 pieces, which build a model that is 85cm long. It also features light-up nacelle caps with built in LEDs, and two figurines, Kirk and Spock in dress uniform variants. To top it off, the display base features a miniature recreation of the ship's dedication plaque. Continue below to have a look at the many new images that show off the impressive model:

To check out the entire Mega Bloks Star Trek range, make your way to my Trek Collective List.


ety3rd said...

I do wish that they could have used smooth plates on top of the saucer, but still ... looks good.

Gojirasaurus said...


It's a shame, as this is not marketed to kids who more likely than not don't give a damn about TOS, but adults instead.

I can tell you 100% that I have zero interest in this, but actually would consider picking it up were there smooth plate bricks for the top and bottom of the primary hull, and I have to assume the majority of other adults feel the same.

This was show I felt about the Klingon D7 as well, but that design is harder to realize in this fashion without some knobby bits showing through (although, perhaps I'm being too conservative there).

On this TOS 1701, though, it was entirely possible to make the saucer smooth, and what's so stunning, is that they make that fact so obvious from the smoothness of the secondary hull and nacelles. I mean, you don't need comparisons; you can tell from the model shown that it didn't need to have the nubs show whatsoever. No amount of episode-specific backdrop images will help that.

Considering how bad this looks to those it's really marketed at, I have to assume this is due to some contractual obligation to not provide an accurate model for fear of stepping on other licensees (like Mattel, QMx or Eaglemoss). That would be the only defense here, but it's just not strong enough for me to consider a purchase...except those figures, of course. People do love those, and more than the MiniMates, too.

Maybe when Lego picks up the license in years to come, we'll get the 1701 we all want...and expected.

ety3rd said...

I did get it and, despite some frustrations, I love it.

I made an unboxing and assembly video, too.

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